Condemnation/Eminent Domain

When the State takes land to build a road or other public project, it is required by the State Constitution to pay landowners fair value for their land. Often, however, the State pays only a fraction of what the landowner believes the land is worth.

If the State proposes to take your land, or, if the State plans to build a road or structure near your house, you are entitled to fair value for the land taken and possibly additional money for the reduction of value of your remaining land.

The law office of McCune & Tsiatsos, PLLC, is a client-focused law firm dedicated to successfully serving the legal needs of individuals, families and businesses throughout Martinsburg and the surrounding West Virginia communities. With more than 40 years of combined experience, we have helped countless clients achieve favorable outcomes in a variety of legal matters.

We have represented a number of landowners against the State, not only in the Circuit Courts of this State, but before the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals. We have been successful in requiring the State not only to pay fair value for the land it has taken, but also additional sums for the damage it caused to the residue. In some cases, we have forced the State to pay a portion of our clients' attorneys fees and costs, as well.

This office is available to review the matter with you, and will help you to obtain just compensation. Call 304-707-3143 to discuss your property condemnation matter with an experienced West Virginia eminent domain attorney at our firm. You may also contact us online.

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